We have conducted a number of surveys and research reports to provide a better understanding of alcohol policy and to highlight the latest trends.

Portman Group–YouGov Survey on Low Alcohol Alternatives 2020

Our second annual survey conducted by YouGov of public attitudes to low alcohol alternatives (products with an ABV of above 0.05% and up to 1.2%).

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Portman Group-YouGov Survey on Alcohol Packaging 2019

Our 2019 survey conducted by YouGov of public attitudes to alcohol packaging and how products are designed to be consumed, shared and resealed.

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Portman Group: 30 Years of Responsibility

This report celebrates our 30th anniversary and charts our work over the last three decades as the social responsibility body and regulator for alcohol producers in the UK. The report highlights the concerted actions taken to irresponsible alcohol marketing and alcohol misuse as well as the industry-leading commitments from our members in in helping the UK become a nation of responsible drinkers.

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YouGov / Portman Group 2018 Alcohol Alternatives Survey: The Low and No Alcohol Boom is Here to Stay

Our first annual survey into alcohol alternatives conducted by YouGov looked at UK public attitudes to low alcohol products. Our results show substantial interest in low and no products among UK drinkers, especially among the younger generation and a desire to see these alternatives available in a number of of settings.

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Royal Society for Public Health/ Portman Group – Alcohol Labelling Research

The Royal Society for Public Health and the Portman Group commissioned BritainThinks to conduct research with the public to understand awareness, familiarity, behaviour and preferences regarding current alcohol labelling, looking at how information preferences vary by demographic group. The final report was published in July 2017.

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Britain Thinks Report – Encouraging a Thriving and Diverse Night Time Economy

In 2017, we commissioned BritainThinks to look at the lessons learnt from Exeter and Nottingham on how to create thriving and welcoming town centres. This report provides local authorities with a practical toolkit to develop their night time economy and ideas about how to engage with local stakeholder organisations and residents.

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