We are actively engaged with policymakers in the Scottish Parliament. We ensure that the voice of responsible producers is heard, highlighting the substantial progress in promoting responsible drinking across Scotland, as well as tackling alcohol misuse on the ground by promoting local partnership schemes.

We are committed to working with responsible groups and we are a member of the Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership (SAIP). This is a partnership of alcohol producers and representatives of the on-trade and off-trade in Scotland committed to tackling alcohol misuse in Scotland. SAIP campaigns include promoting the greater use of the 125ml wine measure in the on-trade, the ‘You’re Asking For It’ campaign to tackle proxy purchasing and the Drinkaware at Work campaign to support employees in making informed choices about their drinking.

Click below to download the latest infographics on key Scotland alcohol statistics.

Alcohol trends in Scotland

Low and No alcohol alternatives continue to grow in popularity across the UK. To read our research report, click below.


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