Matt Lambert, CEO of the Portman Group – the alcohol social responsibility body and marketing regulator, said:

“This report doesn’t correspond to the findings of Portman Group’s much larger and more comprehensive recent survey where we looked at 400 products including the biggest brands by market share – the ones which accurately represent what most customers are buying. That research found near universal coverage of industry best practice showing pregnancy warnings, alcohol unit information, signposts to responsibility messages, and 4 in 5 products carrying the Chief Medical Officers low risk guidelines.

“Industry self-regulation has been responsible for voluntarily delivering greater information and awareness for consumers and the AHA’s own report shows that significant progress has been made. The sector is firmly on track to provide more information to consumers without recourse to valuable Parliamentary time, public funding or mandatory measures”.

Further info:

The Informing Alcohol Consumers: 2021 UK Market Review, Portman Group, November 2021 report reviewing 400 products found:

  • Pregnancy warnings (99%)
  • Alcoholic unit information (94%)
  • Reference to either Drinkaware or a responsibility message (93%)
  • Almost four in five (79%) carry the latest UK Chief Medical Officer low risk drinking guidelines
  • Almost half (47%) featured calorie information on labels