A more strategic policy approach to partnership working is needed to help town and city centres up and down the UK create vibrant and night time economies according to the Local Alcohol Partnerships Group (LAPG.)

LAPG, which brings together schemes that tackle alcohol harm in town and city centres and local communities, is committed to:

  • Promoting the benefits of partnership working to create strong and thriving local communities
  • Encouraging town centres to diversify their offerings to a wider range of age groups and demographics
  • Working to facilitate the sharing of best practice and better evaluate the success of schemes in the night time economy

LAPG has been working to deliver on these commitments as part of its support for the Home Office’s Local Alcohol Action Areas 2.0 programme.  Recent research commissioned by LAPG from the Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) highlighted the key social and economic role of the Night Time Economy. 92% of councils surveyed believe that the night time economy will play an important role in preventing the decline in high street retail. 75% said they would welcome national level policy to facilitate the sharing of best practice and information.

Rita King, Portman Group Local Partnerships Director, commented:

“While there is no one size fits all, it’s clear that a national strategic approach to promote partnership working across a wide range of stakeholders could help more areas harness their potential. Stronger and more vibrant night time economies will play a key role in rejuvenating town centres up and down the country.”

LAPG have been providing support for areas on the Home Office’s Local Alcohol Action Area programme through national and regional events, the development of local alcohol partnership schemes, the Local Alcohol Partnerships Grants Fund, research and local projects to promote data sharing.