“Any increase in hospital admissions is unwelcome, but it is important to note that a significant proportion of these visits are individuals admitted on multiple occasions. Government figures show that 54% of hospital admissions related to alcohol are for people admitted twice or more and 26% are for people admitted four times or more. Along with the stark regional variations in alcohol-related harms, this is further evidence that local authorities, businesses and community groups must work in partnership to provide targeted support to the minority who need it most.

These figures show that almost 50% of alcohol-related hospital admissions are attributed to cardiovascular disease; a complex condition prevalent among over 65s and linked to a range of risk factors including obesity, diabetes and ethnicity. This reflects the significant challenges in diagnosing ill health among an ageing population, and the complex interaction between lifestyle and getting older.

Government figures also show significant and sustained declines in harmful drinking, binge-drinking and underage drinking in the last decade and that the vast majority of adults drink sensibly and safely.”

Portman Group Spokesman