Our report, 25 Years of Responsible Alcohol Regulation: a Spotlight on 2021, reflects on the achievements in 2021 and the whole 25 years of our work as a responsible alcohol regulator.

Since 1996, the Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks has sought to ensure that all alcohol marketed in the UK is promoted in a socially responsible way.

Thanks to the Code, over 170 products have been removed or amended from the market and many hundreds of additional products have been helped to adhere to the Code before appearing on shelves. This has occurred all without recourse to Government or Parliamentary time. It has occurred due to the funding from the 15 leading members of the alcohol industry for all to be protected at no cost to the public purse.

The Code has worked effectively, responsively, and inexpensively. The Portman Group looks forward to another 25 years of regulating the naming, promotion and packaging of alcoholic beverages in the UK.

Watch our video and read the full report below.


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