Portman Group members are leaders in the industry, ensuring that for over 30 years the sector has acted responsibly. We are fully engaged with the policy agenda and the sector has taken appropriate and proportionate actions to alcohol policy challenges. We should give pause to reflect that over the past 30 years we have seen significant declines in alcohol consumption, youth drinking, drink driving and alcohol related crime.

The Portman Group has had significant successes to be proud of, but perhaps one of the most significant is the lead we took during the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal in 2011 in which 1.9 billion units of alcohol were removed from the market by 2014. Our members were also among the first include unit labelling and responsible drinking messaging on packs. They continue to innovate to ensure consumers are informed about their choices and improving the range of lower and low and no alcohol products to help consumers moderate.

We continue to take alcohol harm and misuse seriously and believe in a tailored combination of effective legislation, industry self-regulation and consumer education. In the spirit of transparency in this section you will find our consultation responses with policy makers, our research reports and the alcohol facts which as an evidence-based decision maker we determine our approach.


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