We have noted a wave of articles in the UK media highlighting the increasing availability of low and no alcohol products on the market to give UK consumers a wide range of choice of lower-strength products as part of their responsible drinking. We even see that Sainsbury’s opened the UK’s first temporary pub devoted to low and no alcohol to promote the category.

Our own survey findings, which we initially published earlier this year, show that there is substantial interest in low and no alcohol products among UK drinkers, especially among the younger generation, and a desire to see these alternatives available in a wide array of settings.

We are also pleased that the Government has recognised the potential of low and no alcohol products in helping people drink responsibly and their pledge to work with industry to deliver a significant increase in the availability of alcohol-free and low-alcohol products by 2025.

We believe that to make this a reality, more needs to be done to ensure the continued growth of the category, including ensuring wider availability in settings such as nightclubs and festivals and tackling outdated and confusing product descriptors.

You can delve further into our survey results by reading our analysis – ‘The Low and No Alcohol Boom is Here to Stay’.