In response to the Social Market Foundation’s report into no and low alcohol drinks, John Timothy, CEO of the Portman Group, the social responsibility and regulatory body for alcohol in the UK, commented:

“The Portman Group welcomes the SMF’s  report which highlights positive engagement by consumers with no and low alcohol products. They are a useful tool for many in cutting down, or cutting out, alcohol.

 “We agree with the report’s conclusion that the current product descriptors should be simplified, putting us in line with our European neighbours. We have long called for this and continue to work with officials to make the positive case for change.

 “However, we are disappointed to see the report repeat the baseless allegations that the Portman Group’s Code of Practice is somehow not applied to regular strength drinks. Our recent market audit showed 95% compliance with the Code – strong evidence of the effectiveness of self-regulation. The vast majority of producers market their products responsibly, including those in the low and no space.”

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