The Portman Group has offered training on its Codes of Practice and responsible marketing standards for over 20 years. However, the way we work has fundamentally changed in recent years and we have adapted training to reflect this by producing evolving course material to engage and develop those who complete the course. We are pleased to announce that our training has now been relaunched and we are taking bookings for the coming year.

The training we provide is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited, and attendees are awarded the Alcohol Marketing Accreditation certification upon completion.  The course will provide attendees with the most up to date information on alcohol marketing regulation and will train staff to approach marketing in a creative and socially responsible way.

Who can undertake training?

Training sessions are open to anyone with an interest in the alcohol industry. Typical attendees have included alcohol producers, trade associations, marketing agencies and university students studying marketing. Please feel free to get in touch and find out if training would be right for you.

What training do we offer?

The Portman Group offers three CPD certified training programmes.

General or Code Training – Our General training is designed to help alcohol producers and marketers gain a broad and thorough understanding of alcohol marketing regulation in the UK. The focus will be on the Portman Group and what we do but will explore the wider regulatory framework to provide a clear understanding of the remit of regulators in the UK in the context of alcohol. The training will explain the role of the Independent Complaints Panel (ICP) and the enforcement process and will provide an analysis of the Codes. This includes an in depth look at the Codes through case studies of real Panel decisions so that participants can engage and understand how the rules are applied.

The course is suitable for all newcomers to the alcohol industry or for those who want an in-depth understanding of the Codes and how they are applied through the Panel’s decisions.

The session lasts around two hours including time for questions.

Refresher Training – The refresher training is for those who already have an understanding of the Portman Group and the wider regulatory framework of the UK but want to refresh their understanding of the Code. It provides a less extensive recap of regulation, alongside the role of the ICP and how we enforce decisions. The training provides an in-depth look at the Codes through case studies of recent Panel decisions over the past couple of years so that participants can understand the type of complaints that have been considered and how the rules have been applied.

This session lasts approximately one hour including time for questions.

Bespoke Training or Bespoke Alcohol Regulation Training – This training is created bespoke for you and can have focus on whatever elements you think would be most valuable. For example, we can include more case studies about specific Code rules, or spend more time on different types of activities for example promotions and sampling, rather than packaging. Alongside this it also provides a comprehensive summary of current regulatory policy and the Codes of Practice.

Those who want to undertake this training have the opportunity to discuss beforehand what they want the training to focus on and we can offer advice about specific products or ideas. Depending on the request, this session could last between one and two hours.

Is there a cost?

Training is free to all Portman Group members. It is our intention to ensure that all producers are able to access support. We do not want training costs to be prohibitive so specifically created for small or start-up producers, and launching in 2022, we have created a free introductory session.

Our rates card for all other charges:

What is the introductory training?

The introductory training session provides an overview of who we are, our remit, the Code rules, the complaints process, and Panel precedent setting decisions.

This is a free, 20-minute pre-recorded webinar and is perfect for smaller producers and start-ups. Whilst not CPD certified, it will help give you an understanding of the Portman Group and its purpose, along with providing a look at a couple of case studies of real decisions made by the Panel.

Why should I undertake Portman Group training?

As the self-regulator of the naming, packaging, promotion and sponsorship of alcoholic drinks in the UK, we have over 25 years of experience when it comes to ensuring that alcohol marketing is socially responsible. Our training provides you with an overview of the Codes of Practice and the decisions made by the Panel which will help you ensure your marketing is socially responsible and will allow you to ask any questions that you might have.

Your staff will gain CPD accredited training hours and will achieve our Alcohol Marketing Accreditation – essential for those working in alcohol marketing.

If you wish to undertake training, please contact