The Drinks Trust – Supporting the industry’s work

The Drinks Trust is the drinks industry’s charity. Since 1886, we have provided care and support to the people who make up the drinks industry’s workforce. Today, we provide financial aid, as well as emotional support and vocational training.

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the drinks industry cannot be overstated. The profound affect on the drinks and hospitality sector has left huge numbers of workers facing significant financial hardship which has, in turn, impact their wellbeing and emotional state. In 2020, the Trust provided support to over 5,000 beneficiaries, the vast majority of whom were directly affected by the pandemic.

How we have helped

During the course of the pandemic, we have:

  • Approved over 2,600 Covid-19 emergency grants worth £660,000.
  • Approved a further £85,000 in one-off applications for support.
  • Delivered over £1.2 million worth of support. This is in comparison to £500,000 spent in regular years.
  • Supported almost fivefold more individuals than we have in an average year.

In addition to this, we recognised the extra strain faced by the drinks industry by extending our helpline opening hours so that support would be available 24/7. All calls are confidentially answered by counsellors and clinically trained psychotherapists. The helpline offers a therapy referral scheme and the option to enter into a series of 1:1 telephone sessions on a range of topics.

The Drinks Community

We introduced a new platform, The Drinks Community, dedicated to creating connection and opportunity. This is an online member platform allowing people from the industry to share knowledge and network. It removes barriers in order to build a bridge between disciplines, specialisms and product channels across the sector.

We also have plans to launch a Mento Programme, aimed at those looking for concerted career development, support and guidance.

Support from Portman Group members

A number of Portman Group members chose to support the vital work we have been doing during the pandemic. Pernod Ricard donated £250,000 and partnered with the Wine and Spirits Trade Association to offer Level 1 spirits training online for free. Jägermeister UK also made significant monetary donations to the Trust, including through the Livery Emergency Action Fund.

Brown-Foreman donated approximately £37,000 to our charity, in addition to setting up a long-term initiative to support us. They launched the ‘virtual tip jar’, which has allowed donations to be contributed throughout the pandemic.

The support offered by alcohol producers throughout the pandemic has been crucial to propping up the drinks industry, hospitality sector and those who work within them. Portman Group members have been instrumental in offering financial support as well as other projects including training, donations of sanitiser and PPE and support for emotional well-being.

Both the Portman Group and The Drinks Trust offer enormous thanks to the businesses and organisations, including Portman Group members, that rallied to support the industry at a time of such immense need.

Information and support

If you would like more information on The Drinks Trust, or if you’re looking for support, the below links will direct you to the right place.

The Drinks Trust – visit or call 0800 9154610

The Drinks Community –

Get help – call 0800 9154610 or email