“It is welcome news that the alcohol-related death rate has fallen since last year, and is down by 10% since 2008. This positive trend mirrors the significant declines in harmful drinking, binge drinking and underage drinking in the last decade.  But these figures also show notable regional variations in alcohol-related harm and further evidence that local authorities, health services, businesses and community groups must work in partnership to provide targeted support in those local areas.”

Sarah Hanratty
Interim Chief Executive, Portman Group

Alcohol in the UK:

  • In the last decade, per capita alcohol consumption has fallen by 18% in the UK. (HMRC, BBPA)
  • 76% of adults do not exceed low risk drinking guidelines– 14 units per week (Health and Social Care Information Centre, NHS)
  • Harmful drinking (more than 9 units for women or 12 units for men in a single occasion) has fallen by 22%since 2005 (Office of National Statistics)
  • Overall, binge drinking (more than 6 units for women or 8 units for men in a single occasion) has fallen by 14%since 2005. Binge drinking among the 16-24 and 25-44 age groups has fallen 33% and 20% (Office of National Statistics)
  • Overall, the proportion of adults drinking in the last week has declined by 9%since 2005. (Office of National Statistics)
  • Alcohol-related hospital admissions for those aged under 40 have declined by 11%since 2010 (Public Health England)and alcohol-related deaths are at the lowest level since 2008 (Office of National Statistics).
  • The proportion of children (11-15 years old) who have had an alcoholic drink has declined 38%since 2004 and is now at the lowest recorded level (Health and Social Care Information Centre, NHS)
  • Under 18 alcohol-specific hospital admissions have fallen by 46% since 2008, and by 8% in the last year alone(2012/13 – 2014/15). (Public Health England)
  • The number of violent incidents committed by offenders perceived to be under the influence of alcohol has fallen by 40%since 2007. (Office of National Statistics)
  • The number of drink-driving deaths has fallen by 85%since 1979 (Department for Transport)