Direct Line Life Insurance have published the findings of a new survey on drinking during the lockdown.

Commenting, John Timothy, Chief Executive of the Portman Group, the alcohol industry regulator and social responsibility body, said –

“We take harmful drinking seriously and it is important that research in this field is credible. However, the methodology underpinning the Direct Line survey, from which it has calculated the unit intake of respondents, is contentious at best and calls into question the sensational figures that follow. It is important that data in this space is robust and these numbers are out of step with other surveys looking at population-wide drinking behaviour.

However, this is the latest study that shows that the vast majority of Brits – almost three quarters – are drinking the same or less under lockdown. We are mindful of the quarter that are drinking more. Who these people are and how much more they’re drinking is crucial. For example a small increase in quantity amongst those drinking within the low risk guidelines is of less concern than those people whose drinking risks becoming potentially hazardous. Anyone with concerns about their drinking, or the drinking of a family member or friends, should seek professional help and support.”