Matt Lambert, CEO of the Portman Group – the alcohol social responsibility body and marketing regulator said:

“The study’s own researchers admit that there is inconclusive evidence that health warnings and pictorial images would have any impact on people’s behaviour. This is an extreme proposal attempting to frighten adults whose drinking is unlikely to harm their health, given that the moderate majority in Scotland drink below the CMO’s guidance of 14 units a week.

“For over 25 years the Portman Group through its Code, training, best practice and advice has ensured that alcohol is marketed responsibly and discourages depictions of negative drinking behaviours. The industry is well regulated and there is no need to waste any more government time creating mandatory labels when the vast majority of products already voluntarily show ABV, pregnancy warning labels, directions to Drinkaware and increasingly providing additional advice including the Chief Medical Officer low risk level. Instead, we should collectively focus our efforts on stronger measures targeted to help those drinking at harmful rates.”