Matt Lambert, CEO of the Portman Group – the alcohol social responsibility body and marketing regulator said:

“We believe in having clear information on pack that aids rather than alienates consumers. It is likely that having varied guidance for people would be confusing, counterproductive and also potentially patronising.

“We support the inclusion of CMO guidance on labelling which features on the vast majority of UK alcohol products. Equally nearly half of products show calories on labels (Portman Group, November 2021) which is more likely to be useful to someone looking at their diets.”

Information on alcohol labelling taken from the Portman Group ‘Informing Alcohol Consumers 2021 UK Market Review” November 2021.

There is a moderate majority in the UK who either do not drink, or drink within the CMO’s low-risk guidelines – 77% based on combining latest data on adult drinking from Health Survey for England; Scottish Health Survey; National Survey for Wales; Health Survey Northern Ireland