Company: Independent Distillers (UK)
Breach: Yes
Final Decision: 19 December 2005

Considered under the 3rd Edition of the Code.


Under Code paragraph 3.2(d)

A drink, its packaging and any promotional material or activity should not in any direct or indirect way suggest any association with sexual success.

The Panel’s assessment

The Panel found that the branded condoms directly associated the alcoholic drinks with sexual success and therefore breached Code paragraph 3.2(d).

The Panel acknowledged the importance of the safe sex message and supported the work of health agencies in encouraging people to use condoms in order to reduce the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections and unwanted pregnancies. The Panel pointed out, however, that alcohol was a potentially dangerous substance that could impair judgement, affect behaviour and contribute to unplanned sexual encounters. The Code did not permit the use of any association with sexual success to sell an alcoholic product because any perceived link between alcohol and sexual activity, safe or otherwise, might encourage and/or trivialise potentially dangerous behaviour and attitudes to drinking and sex.

Action by company

The Panel welcomed the company’s assurance that it would cease to distribute branded condoms to its UK customers on or before 1 February 2006.