Company: Tesco Stores Ltd, Chineham Shopping Centre, Basingstoke
Final Decision: 21 February 2003

Considered under the 2nd Edition of the Code.

Complaint summary

The complainant alleged that some alcoholic products were displayed outside the main alcoholic drinks section and were neither specifically marketed as alcoholic nor identified as being for sale to adults only in breach of Code paragraph 4.1(b).


Member of the public, Basingstoke.


Under Code paragraph 4.1(b)

All retailers and any other persons selling direct to the public should ensure that all alcoholic drinks are clearly merchandised as alcoholic products either in a separate retail area for alcoholic drinks or specifically marketed as alcoholic when on general display in a multi-product store and be identified as being for sale to adults only.


The Panel’s assessment

The Panel noted that the examples of promotions given in the complainant’s letter were different from those provided within the photographic evidence.  The Panel accepted that the reason for this was the fact that stores frequently change their product displays.  The Panel based its decision on the photographic evidence provided.

The Panel noted that there were displays of alcoholic drinks outside the main section for alcoholic drinks.  The Panel noted further that these displays did not always have signs to indicate that the products were alcoholic nor were there always signs to indicate that the products were for sale to over 18s only.

Hence, the Panel upheld the complaint under Code paragraph 4.1(b).

The Panel noted that section 4.1(b) will be dropped from the Code with effect from 1st March 2003.