Company: Intercontinental Brands (ICB) Ltd
Breach: Yes
Final Decision: 9 January 2008

Considered under the 4th Edition of the Code.

Complaint summary

“There is no mention of alcohol on the front of this product and the language on the labelling makes it difficult to also confirm it is an alcohol product.”


PIPC (as part of their audit of compliance with the new Code).


Under Code paragraph 3.1

The alcoholic nature of a drink should be communicated on its packaging with absolute clarity.


The company’s submission

The company said that the product had been amended prior to the complaint being made so that the alcoholic strength statement of “4% vol” had been added to the neck and face labels.  They furthermore stated that the product was primarily for export.

The Panel’s assessment

The Panel considered that, even after the amendment, the packaging did not make the product’s alcoholic nature sufficiently clear. It accordingly upheld the complaint under Code paragraph 3.1.

Action by company

The company agreed to amend the label in consultation with the Portman Group’s Advisory Service.