Company: Commercial Concepts
Breach: Yes
Final Decision: 19 November 1996

Considered under the 1st Edition of the Code

Complaint Summary

“The name of this drink has overtures of the youth and drug centred rave scene, through its use of a name that refers to the ability of a drug like Ecstasy to create a loving atmosphere. In addition, the name ‘Purple Passion’ suggests that by consuming this drink, passion may ensue, thus suggesting sexual success or prowess. The container of this drink is a test tube shape, thus encouraging the drink to be consumed quickly. This is of particular concern considering the high strength of the drink.”


Alcohol Concern


Having due regard to the lack of response from the company and the efforts made to contact them, the Panel moved to a final decision.

Finding on suggestion of sexual success or prowess:


Finding on container encouraging excessive consumption: 

The Panel found that the whole presentation, which included the words ‘testi coolz’ in addition to Purple Passion did suggest sexual success or prowess. The Panel also concluded the overall packaging was in breach of the Code through its appeal to under 18s by the use of the test tube container which is more closely associated with school science than with the lifestyle of typical adult. The Panel did not find that the test tube container, which was resealable, would lead to quick consumption.


Finding on the link to illicit drug culture: 

The Panel has received no response to its letters which were sent separately to the address on the product label and to the company reported as the brand owner. The Panel therefore considered the evidence of the product sample and sought external expert advice on the possible allusion to illicit drug culture. The Panel did not find any significant link with anti-social behaviour or drug culture.