Company: J Sainsbury plc
Breach: No
Final Decision: 24 September 2009

Complaint Summary

“The name of this drink suggests an association with aggressive and life threatening behaviour as Piranhas are well known for being flesh eating fish. In addition the container shape and size is exactly the same as the majority of soft drinks containers, thus creating a confusion of identity with non alcoholic products.”


Alcohol Concern


The company, J Sainsbury plc, said that the product, pack and labelling plus display location in store with clear alcohol declaration would not lead to confusion as to the product’s use or origin.

The company said that as a signatory to the Code, they have already examined the product, Piranha. Sainsbury’s decided to alter the product name to ‘Sainsbury’s Alcoholic Lemon Drink’, dropping the name Piranha and moving to a 33cl bottle. The alcohol declaration remains prominent.

It was concluded that the Piranha pack size would not in itself, lead to confusion of alcoholic identity. The changes that J Sainsbury has made, bringing into practice the intentions that Sainsbury’s made when they became a signatory to the Code were welcomed.


Action by Company

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