Company: Commercial and mercantile Vinters Ltd
Breach: No
Final Decision: 24 September 1996

Considered under the 1st Edition of the Code.

Complaint Summary

“The name of this drink has greater parallels with youth culture and behaviour than with that of most adults, and any fascination with love bites per se lies predominantly with teenagers under the age of 18. It could also be said that giving or receiving a love bite constitutes sexual success or prowess (among teenagers) which is unacceptable in the naming of a drink.”


Alcohol Concern


The company, Commercial and Mercantile Vintners Ltd, said that in naming the product Love Byte, they were seeking a powerful, evocative name which complemented the free wheeling lifestyle of today’s young night club devotees. They said that the name was selected primarily, on what they perceived to be its feminine image (the 18 to 25 female being the target market).

It was not considered that the drink has more appeal to teenagers under 18, and nor was it considered that the suggestion of sexual success or prowess was strong enough to uphold the complaint.


Action by Company

None required.