Company: Made under licence in the UK on behalf of Rawlings Voigt Importers Ltd
Breach: Yes
Final Decision: 6 November 1997

Considered under the 1st Edition of the Code

Complaint summary

“Section 3.1: The front label of this product does not specify the alcoholic strength and therefore fails clearly to  communicate the alcoholic strength to consumers.


Alcohol Concern


Under Code paragraph 3.1

The packaging and point of sale materials and point of sale materials should ensure that the product’s alcoholic nature and its alcoholic strength are clearly communicated to consumers by clear indication on the package.


The Panel considered the complaint under the first edition of the Code, published in April 1996. It had not been possible to trace the manufacturers of Hoolahanswho were thought to have gone into receivership, and thus no response from the Company was available for the Panel to consider. It was thought that the product has not been on sale since 1996.

The alcoholic strength of the product is not given on the front label. Although the words Alc. 4% Volappear on the back label in fairly small letters, the Panel was of the view that this was not sufficient to communicate clearly the products alcoholic strength, as required by the Code. Accordingly the Panel upheld the complaint under Paragraph 3.1 of the Code.