Company: Hogsback Brewery
Breach: No
Final Decision: 12 September 2008

Considered under the 4th Edition of the Code.

Complaint summary

“The front label has a prominent image of a cartoon baby which could appeal to under-18s.”


PIPC (as part of their audit of compliance with the new Code).


Under paragraph 3.2(h)

A drink, its packaging and any promotional material or activity should not in any direct or indirect way have a particular appeal to under 18s.


The company’s submission

 The company explained that the product was produced to commemorate the birth of the lady brewer’s baby. They doubted that the cartoon image of the baby would appeal to under-18s.

The Panel’s assessment

The Panel concurred that the image, in context, was unlikely to have a particular appeal to this age group and accordingly did not uphold the complaint.

Action by company

No action required