Company: L’OR Special Drinks
Breach: Yes
Final Decision: 16 August 2002

Considered under the 2nd Edition of the Code.

Complaint Summary

“The name ‘Cannabis Vodka’ and the image of a cannabis leaf on the label allude to the illicit drug cannabis in contravention of paragraph 3.1(d) of the Code of Practice.”


Member of the public, Birmingham. The Wine and Spirit Association


Under Code paragraph 3.1(d)

A drink, its packaging or promotion should not suggest any association with, acceptance of, or allusion to, illegal drugs.


The Panel’s assessment

The Panel considered that the brand name of the product was in fact the name of an illicit drug and that the product therefore made a direct allusion to illicit drugs in contravention of paragraph 3.1(d). In addition, the Panel took the view that the prominent use of a cannabis style leaf on the front label constituted an indirect allusion to the illicit drug cannabis.

Action by Company

No response.