Company: Cott UK Ltd
Breach: No
Final Decision: 24 September 1996

Considered under the 1st edition of the Code.

Complaint Summary

“Confusion of identity with non-alcoholic products. The complainant believes that all alcoholic drinks sold in the same size cans as the standard soft drink can of 330ml fall within this category. These include Barkers Liquid Gold.”


Alcohol Concern


The company, Cott UK Ltd, said that the 330ml format had long been used for many alcoholic drinks. They said that on the can itself it is quite clear that the product contains alcohol. The company said that it is currently revising the design to make it even clearer that the product is alcoholic. It was considered that the 330ml size is not the sole preserve of soft drinks manufacturers and would not of itself lead to confusion of identity with soft drinks.


Action by Company

Cott’s written proposal to redesign the product to make it clearer that the product is alcoholic is welcomed.