Asda Premium Strong Cider

Company: Asda Stores Ltd
Breach: Yes

Complaint Summary: “The ASDA cider I found in the supermarket has STRONG written in bold capital letters across the label.  This is the predominant word on the packaging and seems to me to flaunt the Code … It seems to contravene the Code’s point about glamourising its alcoholic strength.” 

Complainant: Member of the public

Decision: Under Code paragraph 3.2(a) UPHELD

The company said that they had reviewed the label in light of the complaint and acknowledged that it overly glamorised the alcoholic strength. They therefore undertook appropriately to re-label the product at the first opportunity.

The Panel noted that the word ‘Strong’ appeared in very bold font across the front label and therefore considered that alcoholic strength was being promoted as the dominant theme. Accordingly, it found the packaging in breach of Code paragraph 3.2 (a).

Action by Company: The company had already agreed to amend the label. No further action needed.

Code Paragraphs: 3.2(a)