In 2019 the Portman Group published the sixth edition of the industry’s ‘Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks’. In order to ensure that the industry understands and is living up to the rules we commissioned the independent auditor Zenith Global to gauge compliance across the sector.

The audit showed that 95% of products were adhering to the Code. However there were 29 products were flagged as potentially problematic, of which six which related to food labelling law were referred to Trading Standards. Of the others we contacted the producers and gave them the option of working with us to resolve the issue or remove the product from sale. 14 were then altered or withdrawn before the new Code came into force and nine products went forward to the Independent Complaints Panel for review. The ICP found six of the products in breach the Code, and the producers worked with the advice team to alter the designs. One product was removed from the market.

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