RDAN Lower Alcohol Pledge – Portman Group Response to First Interim Report


Figures released by Department of Health today show that UK drinks producers and retailers are on track to meet their pledge to take one billion units of alcohol out of the market by the end of 2015 by reducing the strength of drinks and introducing new ranges of lower alcohol and lighter tasting drinks.

Henry Ashworth, Portman Group Chief Executive and Chair of the Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network, said:

“It is good news that producers and retailers have already removed 253 million units of alcohol from the UK market and are on track to remove 1 billion units by the end of 2015. This report shows the first year results of this four year pledge so it is important that we stay focused on continuing this industry-wide innovation.”

The first report monitoring the Public Health Responsibility Deal pledge to reduce the number of units of alcohol sold each year by 1 billion is available to read on the Gov.UK website:



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